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Clear Action Gate Schuifafsluiter

Pneumatische & vrije val transport systemen

Clear Action Gate schuifafsluiter van Vortex Valves voor het regelen of afsluiten van de droge stof productstroom in een pneumatisch transport systemen met een werkdruk tot 1 bar. Geen buiten liggende bewegende delen. Vierkante doorlaat met ronde inlaat en ronde uitlaat voorzien van flenzen. Ideaal voor applicaties met vettige en kleverige producten als cacoa, suiker of melkpoeders. Mechanisch zelfreinigend na elke cyclus. Schakelen in productstroom. Gas en productdicht naar de afgesloten zijde en naar buiten. Afdichtingen liggen uit de productstroom. Uitwisselbare slijtdelen, afdichting kan na-gesteld worden zonder de schuifafsluiter uit het systeem te halen. Atex volgens EC richtlijn 94/9/EC zone 20. Harde polymeren afdichtingen volgens EG richtlijn EG1935/2004.

Kenmerken Clear Action Gate Schuifafsluiter

  • Geschikt voor droge en vettige producten
  • Mechanisch zelfreinigend na elke cyclus
  • Gas en product dicht naar de afgesloten zijde en naar buiten
  • In-line vervangen van afdichtingen
  • Afdichtingen volgens EG1935/2004
  • Geen open hoeken waar product kan achterblijven
  • Modulair ontwerp zonder buiten liggende bewegende delen
  • Product contact delen RVS en polymeren
  • Standaard maten van 150 tot 400mm



Technische Informatie

Toepassingen in de praktijk
Toepassingen in de praktijk
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Clear Action Gate - Hulls
Specifieke kenmerken
Size/Bore Options
6” to 16” Diameters
Powder, Pellets, Granulars
Connection Options
SVC Standard Stud Pattern, ANSI, DIN, JIS, Custom Flanges
Media Temperature
Up to 250°F (120°C) continuous to 300°F (150°C) intermittent service
Media Pressure/Vacuum
Up to 15 psig,1 barg (depending on gate size)
Valve Construction Options
Aluminium, 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
Material Contact Options
304 or 316L Stainless
Seal/Seat Material
Nylon, PET, Natural Rubber, and/or Silicone Rubber
Double Acting Air Cylinder and Solenoid Operated Air Control Valve, Electric Actuator, Hand Crank
Position Confirmation
Magnetic Reed, Proximity, or Mechanical Limit Switch
Compliance Approvals
Industry Use
Agriculture, Chemicals, Foods, Minerals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Textiles
Material/metal contact is 316L stainless steel.
Internal welds and surfaces where material contacts metal are ground and polished.
The gate inlet and outlet have 10 gauge flanges with bolt pattern to match a 125/150# ANSI bolt pattern.
Gate blade is electro-polished. Polyethylene (PET or UHMW) pressure plate seals are used to replace nylon.
*more modifications available based on application
Gravity flow or dilute phase pneumatic conveying (pressure or vacuum)
Handles powder, granules and pellets
Horizontal or vertical valve orientation
Open / closed or volume metering of material
Key Industries Served: Agriculture, Chemicals, Foods, Minerals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Textiles
Traditional valves rely on soft rubber seals or packing for sealing. Rubber seals can erode or tear away in service and bonnet packing can “relax” allowing leakage necessitating frequent maintenance. The Clear Action Gate eliminates these problems by using “live” loaded hard polymer seals which compensate for wear, to maintain contact with the stainless steel blade.
Conventional round end blade knife gates and butterfly valves wedge material in the seal area which prevents positive shut off of material and air, causing excessive valve wear, material degradation and valve binding. The machined square edged blade of the Clear Action Gate mechanically “clears” the materials from the sealing surfaces on each closing cycle allowing materials to discharge beneath the valve. Open cavities where materials collect in traditional knife gate valves have been eliminated with the square blade and seal design.
The aluminum frame and body provide for light weight and corrosion resistance. The stainless steel gate internals, and hard polymer seals provide corrosion and wear resistance making this valve an excellent choice in handling food, plastics and fine minerals in applications up to 250 F. In demanding service applications the external seals can be replaced without removing the gate from service.

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