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Gravity Vee Wisselklep

Vrije-val en laag vacuüm transport systemen

De Vortex Valves Gravity Vee wisselklep op basis van 2 schuifafsluiters voor het bedrijfszeker verdelen van de droge stof productstroom in vrije val en laag vacuüm transport systemen. Product dicht naar de afgesloten zijde en naar buiten >5 Micron. Door het toepassen van 2 Roller gate stofdichte schuifafsluiters is het mogelijk om de productstroom simultaan over beide uitlopen te laten stromen of elke uitloop afzonderlijk.

In-line basis onderhoud door toepassing van na-stelbare excentrische klepblad geleiding en vervangen van de afdichtingen kan zonder de schuifafsluiter uit het systeem te halen door aanwezigheid van 2 deksels in het frame.

Atex volgens EG richtlijn 94/9/EG zone 20. Polymeren afdichtingen volgens EG richtlijn EG1935/2004.


Kenmerken Gravity Vee Wisselklep

  • Ideaal voor kleverige producten als poeder suiker en cacao poeder
  • Hoge stand tijd door polymeren afdichtingen volgens EG1935/2004 
  • Afdichtingen zijn beschermt tegen slijtage door product
  • Product dicht naar de afgesloten zijde en naar buiten >5 Micron
  • In-line vervangen van de polymeren stopbus afdichtingen
  • Verdelen, afsluiten of regelen van de productstroom
  • Standaard afmetingen van 125mm tot 750mm
  • Atex volgens EG richtlijn 94/9/EG zone 20



Technische Informatie

Specifieke kenmerken
Size/Bore Options
6” to 18” Diameter Square or Rectangular with Round Transitions
Powder, Pellets, Granulars
Connection Options
SVC Standard Stud Pattern, ANSI, DIN, JIS, Custom Flanges
Media Temperature
Up to 180°F (82°C) continuous to 250°F (121°C) intermittent service, modifications allow up to 250°F (121°C) continuous or 300°F (148°C) intermittent service
Media Pressure/Vacuum
0 barg, Gravity Flow Only
Valve Construction Options
304 or 316L Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel
Material Contact Options
304 or 316L Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel
Seal/Seat Material
Nylon, PET, UHMW, Glass Filled Teflon, Natural Rubber, Kryptane, and/or Silicone Rubber
Double Acting Air Cylinder with Solenoid Operated Air Control Valve, Electric Actuator, or Hand Wheel
Position Confirmation
Magnetic Reed, Proximity, or Mechanical Limit Switches
Compliance Approvals
Industry Use
Agriculture, Chemicals, Foods, Minerals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Textiles
Material contact is 316L stainless steel.
Gate blade is electropolished. Polyethylene (PET or UHMW) pressure plate seals are used to replace nylon.
Modifications are made allowing 250 F (121 C) continuous to 300 F (149 C) intermittent service.
Modifications are made allowing 400 F (204 C) continuous to 450 F (232 C) intermittent service.
Hardened steel rollers replace standard nylon rollers and an additional bonnet seal protector is installed.
Bonnet is manufactured with solid, gasketed covers. (Allows the valve to accept air purge.)
Modifications are made to handle medium abrasive products. Includes flow deflector and 3/16″ stainless blade. (Must add the -HS modification for hardened steel rollers.)
*more modifications available based on application
Gravity flow
Handles nonabrasive to abrasive powders, granular or pellets
Key Industries Served: Agriculture, Chemicals, Foods, Minerals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Textiles
The dual actuators can be used to divert or stream material. They can also shut off material flow in either or both directions. Traditional “A” valves or flop gates require material flow to be shut off before redirecting the material often requireing an additional knife gate above the “A” valve.
Areas where materials can lodge or remain trapped have been eliminated in the Gravity Vee Diverter, minimizing material cross contamination or spoilage.
Flop gate or “A” diverters require clearances to operate allowing leakage of fine materials beyond the closed post. The “live” loaded net running seals in the Gravity Vee Diverter provide a positive material seal across the closed port(s).
The self-cleaning action of the sliding blade of the Gravity Vee removes material. This eliminated the problem of material sticking to the flop gate of an “A” valve preventing a tight seal across the closed port.
Afbeeldingen Gravity Vee Wisselklep
Animatie Gravity Vee Wisselklep