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TPV Gate – Schuifafsluiter

Gravity, Pneumatic, & Dense Phase Conveying

The Titan Pressure Valve is designed to address higher-pressure applications up to 100 psig (6.8 barg) and higher temperatures up to 660° F (350° C). The TPV Gate is engineered for highly abrasive applications and requires minimal maintenance over the life of the valve. Featuring Vortex’s patented rising-blade technology ensures an optimal seal and positive material shutoff with the use of lifting lugs. This prevents the blade from jamming or packing material upon closure, which can cause serious downtime. Unlike most knife gates, the Vortex TPV contains a replaceable seat that can significantly increase the life of the valve.

This fully bonneted slide gate consists of cast ductile iron flanges with a hardened 440C stainless steel blade and seat. Flanges match #125/150 ANSI mounting pattern with through holes and blind tapped holes. A double acting air cylinder actuates the valve open and closed and optional metering controls are available. Material contact is 440C stainless steel and ductile iron.


  • 1 – Rising Blade Design: The rising blade and lifting lug design ensures optimal seal by keeping the blade in contact with the seat reducing packing
  • 2 – Replaceable Parts: The stainless steel seat in addition to the blade can be replaced increasing the service life of the valve
  • 3 – Blade Guides: Spring loaded blade guides keep the blade and seat in contact creating a positive seal at all times
  • 4 – Air Purge Port: Used to pressurize the bonnet and keep material in the flow stream, the air purge is essential for higher pressure applications
  • 5 – High Temp Design: The ductile iron housing makes for a safer valve when dealing with higher temperature applications

Technische Informatie

Dilute and Dense phase pneumatic conveying
Gravity flow conveying
Handles abrasive materials like minerals, frac sand, and fly ash
Standard sizes: 2″- 10″ (50mm – 250mm) | Contact us for custom sizes
Mounting boss for the addition of an optional proximity switch
Key Industries Served: Agriculture, Chemicals, Minerals, Mining, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Textiles

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